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NEW !!!   -   Double-Length Sequence IIIG Engine Test

3469 mile case study in rotax E-tec Engine

Las Vegas Taxi cab Field Study

Extreme Dynamometer Heat testing

75w 90 Long Life Synthetic Gear Lube Study in Over-the-Road Applications

A study of SAE 5w 30 Synthetic Motor oils

ECHO String Trimmer Technical Study

A Study of INTERCEPTOR® Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil for Ski-Doo Rotax E-TEC Engines

Marine E-TEC Field Study

SAE 50 Long-Life Synthetic Transmission Oil Field Study in Over-the-Road Applications

AMSOIL P.i. - A Study in Performance

AMSOIL Premium API CJ-4 5W-40 Synthetic Diesel Oil (DEO) Fuel Economy

Diesel Fleet Fuel Economy Study

Diesel Recovery Cold Filter Plugging Point

Maximum Shear Stability

Refuse Hauler Fleet

930,599-Mile Engine - 1 Million Mile Van

A Study of Automotive Gear Lubes

Gasoline Engine Case Study With Guardian Pest Control

A Study of Motorcycle Oils - Second Edition

A Study of Motorcycle Oils

Comparative Motor Oil Testing - Updated

Triple Length API Sequence IIIF Testing

75W-90 Synthetic vs. Petroleum Gear Oil Testing

A Study of Compressor Oils

8.2% More MPG With AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants

409,000-Mile Oil Drain Interval, Mack Engine Teardown

Fleet & Field Trials Book 2

Fleet & Field Trials Book 1

AMSOIL Overshadows the Competition old and still the best

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AMSOIL: How It Is Made

Cold Pour Test: AMSOIL Synthetic Oil versus Conventional Oil

AMSOIL INTERCEPTOR Performance Testing in a Ski-Doo E-TEC Engine

AMSOIL V-Twin Torture Test

AMSOIL Tech Tips: Automatic Transmission Fluid

AMSOIL Tech Tips: Saber™ Two-Stroke Oil Mix Ratios

AMSOIL Tech Tips: Automatic Transmission

A Company of Enthusiasts: We're Into Tuners

AMSOIL: How to Clean Your Shotgun